Our Services

Our service offerings fall into 4 basic categories.


Do you need a credit review on an individual company (public or private) or portfolio of companies?

  • Credit Reviews range from brief desktop summaries to a comprehensive written report which includes business and industry overviews, peer comparables, business strategy assessment, full analysis of historical and projected financial performance, face-to-face management meetings, and reference checkings with company lenders and/or owners. Our deliverables are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Credit Reviews can be provided on a one-time basis with up to 12-48 hour turnaround. Credit Review updates can be provided as necessary on a frequency as desired by the Client.
  • Assigned credit risk ratings are based on a proprietary Hesler & Associates Risk Rating Scale based on selected financial and operational metrics (leverage, liquidity, profitability, industry-specific operating ratios, debt service coverage, competitive position within its industry segment, review of existing credit facilities, and access to capital). Particular attention is paid to quality of financial data (audited, unaudited, internal, etc) footnotes, unusual items, one time charges, etc.
  • Hesler & Associates uses a variety of information services, including SEC filings, Dun & Bradstreet, court filings, UCC filings, internet search engines, etc.


Do you need an independent review of a company’s competitive and financial position within its industry segment?

  • Hesler & Associates can provide ad hoc industry risk reports for a quick review or comprehensive analysis of industry structure, revenue and profitability trends, current industry “news” including but not limited to notable peer group activities, other emerging trends, and events as well as regulatory updates.
  • Primary industry sectors covered include logistics and transportation, retail, service sector, and consumer goods.
  • Hesler & Associates can abstract, compile, and publish customized monthly, quarterly, or annual company-specific or industry-specific reports to provide up-to-date information for better credit decision-making .

Credit Policy

Do you lack in-house resources to analyze existing or prospective customers in a timely and efficient manner?

  • Customized presentations focusing on clients’ pressing credit issues including such topics as Credit Reviews, Collections Best Practices, Issues in Bankruptcy, etc. Sample presentation.
  • One of the challenges of commercial credit, underwriting groups, and commercial real estate leasing and development professionals is the lack of in-house resources to analyze existing or prospective customers in a timely and efficient manner. Obtaining customer financial statements and preparing the information for analysis can be a difficult and time consuming undertaking. Hesler & Associates can help implement business process solutions meet these credit requirements

Due Dilligence

Are you acquiring a company and seeking additional and independent due diligence?

  • Due Diligence assignments can vary widely based on the scope and complexity of the particular engagement.
  • A typical businessmen’s audit typically includes the following: review of financial statements, tax returns, books and records including but not limited to sales and cash receipt journals, payment status of federal, state, property, sales and use, and employee taxes, status of account payables, status of property & casualty and health insurance plans, customer sales trends, etc.